February 10, 2015

Valentine Printable Treat Tag: You're Unbe-leaf-ably Cool!


Everyone knows that the most important thing about Valentine's Day is making the best cheesy puns. Similarly crucial is eating delicious candy, and I suppose appreciating your friends and loved ones is up there as well. These printable candy valentines have you covered on all three!

Keeping with tradition, I designed these treat bag valentines for friends and coworkers this past year, this time with gummy mint leaves candy. Check out the past two designs, "You're a Star" and "You Rock" as well!

To incorporate a more permanent element to the gift after the minty deliciousness is gone, I included a leaf-related graphic and Albert Einstein quote to hang up.

These are super easy and fun to make! You'll need:

  • 4.75" x 3.5" clear treat bags (from your local craft store or amazon)
  • Spearmint Jelly Leaves candy (any grocery should have these, or in bulk at candynation.com)
  • Cardstock or heavyweight printer paper
  • Color printer
  • Scissors or X-acto knife
  • Stapler

  1. Download the printable here! 
  2. Print the pdf double-sided onto your card stock, and trim out each label square on the "unbeleafably cool" side. Fold down the middle evenly.
  3. Fill your treat bag with a helping of candy, and fold the top of the bag over.
  4. Place your label around the folded edge of your treat bag, and staple towards the bottom edge.
  5. BAM - You have a fun and tasty valentine to give the unbeleafably cool people in your life!

You can download the past free printables designs too - click below:

Enjoy!  Brigette

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  1. Very cool, Brigette! You always design the cutest stuff, and it's so "Brigette." :-D

    1. Thanks Sara! It's easy to have a consistent when I refuse to expand my color palette much... haha.

  2. They are really cute! Love the colors, too.

    1. Thank you! Had fun with the minty blues.

  3. These are so much fun! I love a good pun!

    1. Thank you Kristen! So do I, I love any opportunity to come up with them.


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