May 23, 2012

time flies when you're designing science

It's pretty hard to believe, but today marked my 1 year of working at The Franklin Institute! It feels like I've been there for such a short time and a long time simultaneously. Temporal anomalies aside, here are a few projects I've worked on at the museum over the past few months:

One super cool project I was thrilled to work on was creating graphics for a display case near the planetarium. It holds two artifacts from The Franklin Institute that were flown on space shuttle missions, as well as photo collages presented to the museum for each of the missions it was involved in. I created a timeline of the shuttle program as the background image, as well as laid out the artifact labels. See the details after the jump:

Close up of timeline graphic
Star of Fels Planetarium dome flown on STS-135

The Franklin Institute printing plate that was flow on STS-40

I also had the opportunity to do the front banners and stairs graphic to promote the current traveling exhibition at The Franklin Institute, Dead Sea Scrolls: Life and Faith in Ancient Times. It's a beautiful exhibit, I suggest checking it out! Also here's a video that the fabricators made of installing the graphics on the steps.

this isn't the best photo, it was a bit rainy that day.

It's been a busy couple of months - stay tuned for more science-, craft-, and design-related goodness!

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