May 10, 2011

graphic design + science + full-time = dream job

I am happy to share that I have recently been offered (and accepted!) the position of graphic designer at the Franklin Institute! I have been freelancing there in-house for the past few months, and I am elated to be joining the design team full-time. Check out some of the things I've been working on after the jump:

part of a trade show display I designed

So I will certainly be posting fun things that I'll be designing, like these logos I worked on - of a fictitious association of Carbon atoms for a global warming presentation for kids.

How fun of a project is that? I always loved science as a kid, and I'm so happy to have the opportunity to create designs that are intended to not only communicate, but to educate and inspire. My first official day is May 23rd, and I can't wait! :)
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  1. That is awesome!

    We should talk- I didn't know you were a graphic design major. I'm going back to school in the fall for computer graphic design and I confess I don't know much about it. I just know I love computers, I love art, and I really love website design. If you have any tips or advice let me know. ^_^ I would love perspective from someone who has already done this.

  2. Congratulations Brigette!! that sounds so awesome!!!

  3. Ahhhhh yea girl! Sounds awesome. I'm jelling. And let's get lunch since I work around the corner aka take me backstage at the franklinnnnnnnn!

  4. Thanks everyone! :)

    Meg - send me a facebook message! Where are you going to school?

    Chloe - for real, we should definitely meet up! Where do you work?

  5. FANTASTIC!! Congratulations & hoping for all the best for you! can't wait to live vicariously thru yr blog! (would be a dream job for me as well!) found yr site from Laura Guzzo's whom I recently met at the SJ Comic Con. LOVE yr video of Design needs... I am a fontaholic & typography lover who never did anything with it. I too am looking to go back for computer graphic design & would love input from both you & Meg Needles!! (I have a Visual Art degree from Rutgers (before computers were the prevelent method of graphic design hahaha!)

  6. Thank you Lisa! I'm glad you enjoy my work - feel free to message/email me anytime if you have any questions about design, or anything else! :)

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