June 8, 2011

full-time learning & designing

The working life has been treating me well! I am loving being at the Franklin Institute. The other day I was working on some digital signage about the observatory, so I went upstairs to check it out. I got a chance to look through the telescope and saw a prominence on the sun! Today, I was starting a banner design about a mummification program, so I went to see some mummified frogs. You know, normal everyday things.

A solar prominence (also known as a filament) is an arc of gas that erupts from the surface of the Sun. Prominences can loop hundreds of thousands of miles into space. Prominences are held above the Sun's surface by strong magnetic fields and can last for many months. At some time in their existence, most prominences will erupt, spewing enormous amounts of solar material into space. 

 You learn something new everyday!

So needless to say, I am loving this job as much as I thought I would. One of the things I worked on this past week was the signage for TFI After Dark, which I did the identity for as well. TFI After Dark is an after hours, adults only event - for people to be able to enjoy the museum without all of the punk kids getting in the way. (It gets crazy during the day with school trips, it would seem that self-awareness only occurs after the age of 15?) There is a cash bar, snacks, little workshops and experiments, and Quizzo! The second installment of it was this past Friday. It started off slow, but seems like they got a decent turnout - check out some photos after the jump:

I will post the schedule for the next one when its coming up, so stay tuned! 
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  1. This is soooo great! The perfect job for you! It seems like yesterday we were planning ResLife Programs to The Franklin :-)

  2. Thanks Emily! :) I know, I think about that all the time! Particularly when we took that big group to Night Skies and saw the planetarium show and the observatory. Derrick Pitts, the astronomer who runs Night Skies, has his desk in the same office as me! I miss planning programs...


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