April 28, 2011

my refrigerator is famous.

My SEPTA ads for the Coalition Against Hunger are up! (They've been up for a little while, I didn't get the chance to take a photo till recently.) There are three different designs, some are large ads in the stations, long ads inside the subway cars on the Broad Street line, and a few bus shelters! I'm not sure where the bus shelters are, I hope I run into one.

Here is one of my ads in 15th Street Station, along with the other two designs. I did my own photography, so that's my fridge, and my food items in there!

See the other two ads after the jump:

What do you think? How could I make them more effective next year?

In other news - I just ordered advanced copies of the book I'm going to be published in, Fingerprint 2! I am really excited to finally see it, I will be sure to post some photos when it comes in. :) This is the cover that they've shown online. According to Amazon, it will be officially released on August 11th!

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