July 8, 2014

Hyphens and Dashes – Do YOU Use Them Properly?

Whether you're the writer or the designer, getting a document draft or design proof back that's covered in red squiggles and lines can be extremely frustrating. A lot of grammatical and stylistic tweaks come too late in the process, and the correct usage of hyphens and dashes is certainly be one of them. I put together this handy cheat sheet to help save some of that frustration!

Are there other little symbols and devices like this that trip you up in your design or writing process? Let's hear about them!


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4 responses , join in!


  1. Wow! I never know the dash key can be different with different keyboard combination. Learnt something new! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad it was helpful! I was definitely glad to find out there was a keyboard shortcut for these, and that I wouldn't add them as a symbol every time.

  2. This is a great post! Drives me crazy to see hyphen and dashes uses incorrectly!!! I will definitely be sharing this post. Thanks

  3. Thank you! Agreed, I think a lot of people don't know there are differences. Thanks for taking a look!


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