August 18, 2011

it's finally here... copy of Fingerprint 2! I'll admit, I had a tiny fear that somehow this was all a mistake, and my poster would not actually be in the book - but I have hard-copy proof now! It's a bit unreal to see my own work in the glossy pages of a legit design book. Check it out:

I love the debossing on the cover.

My poster! 

Some of the other pages. I'm loving the color in these!

My work is in the same book as Stefan Sagmeister's? Pinch me!

So much of the work in the book is extremely inspiring, it's a great design book just in general. There are also some insightful essays between the chapters, here's a quote from Colin Berry that I loved in particular that really summed up the book well (and my own design philosophy):

"...while handmade may not make use of the latest software or most advanced digital tools, it does make use of the brain and the heart: the original software, and the two tools designers carry - have always carried - within themselves. Tools that give them a modern edge, without which it would be impossible to create meaningful, beautiful, perfectly imperfect, truly personal design." 

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