January 9, 2011

new beginnings

Happy New Year! In honor of the occasion, I created a desktop wallpaper (in two sizes) with my New Years card design from last year to share with you:

1440 x 900    &   800 x 600

It's true, every day is an opportunity for new things and new goals. Just click either link to download the wallpaper for your desktop size. Enjoy!

Speaking of new beginnings, I'm excited to be starting a new graphic design job at paper supply and design studio Casa Papel!

Located at 804 Brown Street in Northern Liberties, Casa Papel offers beautiful decorative papers, stationary, hand-made books, and design services for wedding invitations, identities, and more.

I'm exciting to be getting a job in my field, I'll post some new work from there soon!
In light of the new year and my new schedule/lifestyle afforded by my new job, I've set some goals for myself:

Keep in touch with people better. 
I have amazing friends, and I let my busy schedule get in the way of that lately. Let's hang out!

Eat better and move around more. 
Also in relation to my busy schedule, I have let fitness and nutrition go by the wayside. I'm looking for more healthy recipes and planning on taking some yoga classes.

Post on this blog more frequently
With a little more time on my hands, I'll have more work to show and cool finds to share. So my plan is to post weekly, every Sunday. So keep an eye out!

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