July 14, 2010

coalition against hunger work

The Coalition Against Hunger is working on promoting Farmer's Markets as a resource for buying healthy food, particularly for WIC (Women, Infants & Children) participants. So my design task was to create a "superhero-esque" logo that read "Fruit and Veggie Mom," to put on shopping bags and other promotional materials, a one color version and a full color. Here is some of my sketch process and the different versions I came up with:

2 responses , join in!


  1. Hey Bridgette! My fav. is the 3rd option down... I like the size difference between MOM and the rest of the layout. The other options seem weaker in comparison.


  2. That's the one that the Coalition chose to go with, so it worked out well. Thanks very much for your input, it's appreciated! :)


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