June 30, 2010

crafty things

I took a terrarium workshop at VIX Emporium, which is an amazing shop on 50th and Baltimore in West Philly. They carry amazing handmade gifts - jewelry, prints, ceramics, clothes... all kinds of great stuff. I hope to try to sell some prints or notecards there at some point.

But they had a great Second Saturday workshop where we created terrariums with moss and painted cute little wooden houses to put in our tiny landscapes. I used an old Root liqueur bottle for mine. I'm pleased with the result!

If you're interested in getting in on this terrarium action, they're having a second workshop of August 14th. Check it out!

I also crossed a not-so-important task off of my summer to-do list: ordering a custom rubber stamp of my logo! It was certainly worth the 12 dollars, I love this thing. Rubber stamps are just so appealing.

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