May 23, 2010

reality, here i am


Victory! I am no longer a college student, and am now the proud owner of a degree in Graphic Design! Presently I am available for hire, looking for both freelance, short term and full time design work and positions. Feel free to email me with any queries about work!

In addition to searching for employment, I will be working on a few different projects this summer. I made a specific list of to-dos which I added to my notebook:

I usually am too ambitious with my summer to-do lists, but hopefully I will be able to cross off the majority of these goals. By posting it here, I will potentially hold myself more accountable for completing them. :)

I started using a moleskine for the first time, and it's been extremely useful. In addition to holding this to-do list for me to reference at all times, I've created a simple, clean calendar template to always have my planner in the same book as well:

Since so many people use moleskines, I thought I'd share the template files. These are sized for the Large Sketchbook ( 8.1 x 5.1 x 0.7 ) and include June, July and August. Click here to download, hope you find them useful!

I'm extremely excited about finding a design job, working on personal work and projects, having leisure time for friends and exploring the city. It's going to be a great summer!
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