March 12, 2010

design needs heart

With graduation and my senior show swiftly approaching, things are beginning to come together. For my installation in the show, I've decided to focus on my hand-drawn typography (big surprise, I know.) The main theme I'm dealing with is the idea of "design needs heart" - the concept that graphic design is more than the ability to manipulate software or tools, but a craft which requires a human element: a voice, passion, soul, authenticity. I'll post more details as things become more concrete, but I've just put together a type design for the main quote and thought I'd share my process so far. Starting with a very rough sketch to the vectorized version, there were certainly a lot more versions in between than what's here:

I'm not sure what the color palate will end up being, I just put these together to experiment. I'm in for a whole lot of drawing type for the next month and... now 8 days, until I start hanging my show on April 21st. I'm excited!
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